Welcome to Upāya!

Upāya translates as "skillful means"


The ability to bring out the spiritual potentials of individuals
through statements or actions which are adjusted to their needs
and adapted to their capacities

Upaya Yoga operates as a cooperative. Instructors from a variety of backgrounds rent space to share their unique gifts
in our community.
Read our mission, then see what we have to offer and let us help you find your perfect class!

Upaya is located upstairs in Michigan Holistic Health:
Upaya Yoga Studio
Wellness Practitioners
Medical Services

Upaya Yoga offers classes in multiple styles from Sangha Yoga style hatha and meditation to Pilates-inspired yoga fitness to Kundalini Yoga. Teachers and class levels range from beginner to advanced. Come experience it all right here!

A number of holistic health and wellness practitioners run their private practices in our building. Holistic Psychotherapy, Reiki, Life Coaching, Bodywork, Massage Therapy, Private Yoga, AccessBARS and moreMeet our Healers.

Michigan Holistic Health, is a compassionate clinical team who care for adults suffering from chronic pain and complex medical conditions. Medical marijuana licensing is offered for those with a qualifying condition:

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